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The Threefold Way

Toward an Awakened Heart


The Threefold Way offers innovative teachings that involve embracing the whole person: body, mind and heart, or three-centered awareness. The experience of Somatic Inquiry, the map of the Narrative Enneagram and the practices of Contemplative Wisdom teachings are offered as a gateway to living in the present moment, aware of our true nature of love, compassion, and rich interconnection with the web of life.


What prevents you from being fully embodied?

We start “In the beginning” with the story of Incarnation and the Three Gestures of Life. Somatic Inquiry is used to experience the intelligence of our body’s wisdom and its capacity for direct knowing. These practices provide the foundational steps of the conscious journey towards fully embodying, embracing and empowering our lives.

The love of who you are arises from the love of where you are.

— A.H. Almaas


What stands between you and Presence?

We continue by understanding the map of the Narrative Enneagram as a map of wholeness. This map reveals the motivation for our behavior and offers us the opportunity for conscious transformation by developing the faculty of spiritual awareness called the Inner Observer. It also identifies the portals and directions for growth and the patterns that drive our outer behavior.

The Enneagram’s deeper function is to point the way to who we are beyond the level of personality, a dimension of ourselves that is infinitely more profound, more interesting, more rewarding, and more real.

— Sandra Maitri


What prevents you from living your life as a prayer?

We explore the Wisdom traditions that are at the source of all the sacred paths, including the Contemplative Wisdom tradition found in Christianity. Starting with the attitude of surrender, we use the tools of embodied presence, silence, chanting, centering prayer, and lectio divina as concrete ways to continuing the experience of transformation.

As your being increases, your receptivity to higher meaning increases; as your being decreases, you return to old meanings.

— Cynthia Bourgeault


Join Me

Join me as we interweave the teachings, tools and skills of Somatic Inquiry, Narrative Enneagram and Contemplative Wisdom. Within a sacred container, using ritual, guided and silent meditation, presentation and dialogue, ritual, art, and simple movement, we will:

  • Experience the felt sense of your body’s Intelligence
  • Explore your unconscious patterns
    and develop your Inner Observer
  • Embrace the unfolding journey to an Awakened Heart


About Ruth Hill

Ruth HillRuth Hill lives in Asheville, NC and is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, a certified teacher of the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition and a student of Cynthia Bourgeault, a modern-day Contemplative teacher. She works with individuals and groups to explore embodiment through sensing and listening to the intelligence of the body’s biological wisdom as a portal for radical inclusion and transformation. For more information about Ruth, please visit her website:  ruthwhill.com.

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